Kanoor/Devakr Falls Trek – Yellapura - 2 Days

Adventure Waterfall Trek and Forest Meditation Session.


Yellapura is a town in the Uttar Kannada  district of Karnataka ,India. It is a major trading centre for Arecanut which is the primary crop grown in the villages surrounding the city. Approximately 90% of the population of Yellapura are farmers who grow Arecanut and paddy.

The district’s high rainfall supports lush forests, which cover approximately 70% of the district. The Malabar Coast Moist Forests  ecoregion lies in a narrow strip between the Arabian Sea  and the foothills of the Western Ghats. Yakshagana

Yakshagana  is a classical dance drama popular in the state of Karnataka in India mostly popular in the districts of Uttara Kannada.

Program Details: 

Program Starting point – Kannur

Program Duration – 10-12 hrs

Geography of the area – Western Ghats

Ecology of the area – Rain and lush green forest

Main Cultural Attraction- Yakshagana

Main Agricultural crop – Arecnut and Cashew

Best Cusine – Neer Dose and Buns.

Altitude of the Region – 541m

Program gradient – Moderate

Eligibility for event – 12ys +


  • Silent environment.
  • Fresh air and calm place
  • Consists of both cultural and adventure places
  • Various traditions and Siddi community
  • Lush Forest and waterfalls


Day 1

Arrival to our Eco trail destination and the stay arrangements will be done by our local host in his own house.

Interact with the members of the host family and fresh up and pack your essential for the hike.

Experience the local cusine breakfast and pack the lunch.

Head to hiking starting point and start hike. Which will be 3km hike to reach the water point , the terrain will be challenging and fun aswell. Total hiking distance will be 6km.

Spend some time in the Waterpoint and Have lunch.

Reach the homestay around evening and freshup.

In the late evening experience the local tribe dance perfomed by the local tribe community.
The tribal dance called “ DAMANI” and SUGGI KUNITHA” Represents the local art and tradition of these tribal communities.

After the session, there will be simple and healthy food for dinner.

Relax for the day

Day 2

Get up early morning and head to a place in the forest to perform yoga and meditation.

There will be a Session of yoga and meditation in the forest where you can experience yoga and meditation in the lap of nature.

After the session, time for a healthy breakfast served in the traditional way.

Pack your essentials and head towards the areca nut plantation to study the local plantation and the crops.

After the session, will go to explore the caves, which is around 2km from the stay.
Which is a beautiful cave and home to thousands of bats, our host will explain you the importance of bats fertilizer and its usage of it.

Reach stay and have lunch and relax for a while.

After the relaxation will travel to local medicine practioner home to study the importance of Ayurveda and its healing process.
Will visit the nearby local community craftsmen home also.

Reach homestay and there will be discussion session and thanksgiving to a local hosts.

Concluding the two days program with lots of memories and learnings.

General FAQS

What are eco trails?

Eco-Trails is a unique experience to become one with mother nature through a combination of adventurous treks, forest, and village life experiences. Through eco-tourism, we wish to increase awareness, empower local communities.

What is sustainable travelling?

Our actions directly or indirectly impact the environment. It’s our mission to create such eco trails across the world where the travellers and tourism communities empower each other and exist in harmony.

How do our programs empower local tourism?

Our Trail Leader, Facilitators and Instructors are from the local community where the eco trails exist. We aim to train and encourage local People, Artisan and craftsmen to be the Trails coordinators, teachers and masters

What’s in for Solo Travelers?

Coming solo and being out of comfort zone is highly appreciated and we
Reciprocate this same energy in welcoming and accommodating solo travellers.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Kanoor/Devakr Falls Trek – Yellapura