Eco trails aim to build a Sustainable Ecological community of travellers with local tourism and Cultural bodies and local Commerce. Programs are designed to encompass tourism with Local Economic, Cultural and Geographical attractions in a sustainable way under the umbrella of eco-tourism. These Eco trails Connect the already existing elements for a wholesome travel experience.

At eco-trails we do just that! Eco-trails is a company started by the travellers for travellers and our main aim is to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

We usually venture out and explore lesser-known places across the country so that travellers can enjoy the pristine beauty of these Eco trails. With it comes the great responsibility of preserving the ecosystem and protecting the lively hood of the local communities.

When you travel with Eco-trails, you are enjoying yourself and with like-minded people, learning about the place’s culture, tradition, people, environment, and wildlife and you are slowly but surely contributing to the greater cause of preserving the glory of the region.



We are a traveler’s-led eco-tourism organization. Our actions directly or indirectly impact the environment. It’s our mission to create such eco trails across the world where the travellers and tourism communities empower each other and exist in harmony. 

Alongside imparting knowledge about sustainable travelling our vision is to encourage, educate, and empower the local community. Ecotourism brings lasting economic gains to the locals. We believe in bringing together travellers and locals for mutual benefit. The locals are empowered, and travellers gain knowledge about local customs, food and art. 

Our Team

Our entire team is a team of travellers and we intend to build a like-minded community of people. Our Trail Leader, Facilitators and Instructors are from the local community where the eco trails exist. We aim to train and encourage local People, Artisan and craftsmen to be the Trails coordinators, teachers and masters. We understand our organisation’s sole purpose and work accordingly towards its betterment.